About Us

Families and communities are the foundation of this reading effort. Our goal is to ensure all children learn to read early and well by providing education and encouragement to parents and caregivers on their important role in raising a reader.

Our Name

“Foundation” in our name does not refer to a monetary endowment but the strength and stability a strong reading foundation provides a child for success in school and life.


Each community-based Children's Reading Foundation responds to the unique needs and opportunities of its region by reaching out to parents, and others who provide primary care for children, with information, resources, activities and encouragement. It establishes partnerships to promote early literacy activities and programs throughout the entire community. “Where today will someone hear the message to read with a child?” is the question that guides a relentless public awareness campaign. The Children's Reading Foundation access free and low-cost books and puts them into the hands and homes of children who will cherish them.


Local Children's Reading Foundations are self-sustaining non-profits (501-c-3), generally operating as a public-private partnership with school district dues, grants and community donations. The Board and/or executive director facilitates local contributions (monetary and in-kind) and partnerships to implement selected programs.  Volunteers are invaluable!

National Support

The Children's Reading Foundation is a network of community-based Reading Foundations that share materials and best practices, and discuss issues and solutions. The National office assists foundations in getting started, operating legally, maintaining a website and staying abreast of research.