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Starting a chapter of The Children's Reading Foundation is an exciting process and with our guidance, the journey will be straight forward and smooth sailing.

First, gather a group of three to six people who share a passion and vision for children's literacy, and then begin planning.  Network with community leaders -- elected officials, school board members, educators, business leaders, parents, non-profits, churches, tribes and media representatives are among those who have been instrumental in starting Reading Foundations.

In short, if there is a need for children to learn to read early and well then a Children's Reading Foundation will benefit your community. Affiliating with The Children's Reading Foundation is easy and has many benefits. For those that are interested in starting a community-based Reading Foundation, please submit the Notice of Interest memo.  In return, you will receive our guidelines and templates on how to start a chapter of the Children's Reading Foundation, and receive personal assistance every step of the way.

Inquires about starting a chapter of The Children's Reading Foundation are also welcome at or 509-735-9405.

“Do not doubt that a small band of determined citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Thank you for your vision for children's literacy!

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