Our Programs


READY! for Kindergarten™ classes encourage parents to talk, sing, read and play with their child in simple ways that foster essential pre-literacy, pre-math and social-emotional skills. Age-appropriate activities are designed to begin at birth and continue through age five. The curriculum is based on current research and replicates what parents and educators of successful students have done for years.

Parents and caregivers choose from one of five classes depending on their child's age and attend sessions three times per year. Each class is a 90-minute interactive lesson led by a trained instructor. The targets, materials and tools used in class are participants to take home and use with their child as they determine, based on their child's personality, abilities and interests, and their family's values and culture.

The READY! for Kindergarten program is designed to help parent participants prepare children with the early learning skills needed to start and stay at grade level. For information about bringing READY! to families in your area, visit www.readyforkindergarten.org/ or contact Virginia Paine,  READY!  National Director at info@readyforkindergarten.org.

READ Up: Stop the Summer Slide

Our newest program helps families, caregivers and children make reading aloud part of their daily summer routines. READ Up offers free weekly storytimes and books are provided for eight weeks in convenient locations. Materials are available in English and Spanish. All children from birth to age 8 are welcome with their parents or caregivers. Each 20 minute story includes simple read-aloud tips modeled by trained volunteers. Oral language and print concepts are emphasized. Each week, adults leave with new skills and motivation to encourage reading and children leave with a new book. Research shows that access to books, books in the home, and reading aloud directly lead to gains in pre-literacy and literacy skills.


The Children's Reading Foundation's Team Read program supports schools in giving students a strong reading foundation. Community members are invited to volunteer to read one-on-one for 30 minutes, twice a week with the same student. Tutors receive simple training before being paired with first-, second- or third-graders.

Team Read students generally do not qualify for other remedial programs but are reading below grade level. Teachers and reading specialists identify these children who are falling between the cracks. With the help of Team Read tutors, many children catch up to the rest of their class before the end of the school year. Students receive postcards from their tutors during the summer reminding them to read. Parents are informed about their child's Team Read involvement and invited to volunteer with the program.

Team Read is a low-cost, effective model that can boost students to grade level by third grade. Data show that with Team Read, nearly 70 percent of participants read at grade level by spring of third grade. Nearly 100 percent of participants read below grade level prior to Team Read intervention. Click here to visit the Team Read website.

For information about implementing a Team Read program, contact Monica Fiscalini, Team Read National Director at teamread@readingfoundation.org