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Regina D. Weiss Literacy Legacy

Regina D. Weiss
Regina D. Weiss,
namesake for Literacy Legacy Fund.
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When you donate to the Regina D. Weiss Literacy Legacy Fund, you help provide free children's books for literacy events around the country. Read more to learn about the inspiring woman the Literacy Legacy Fund is named after.

The Children's Reading Foundation was selected by the Weiss family in 2011 to help carry on the literacy legacy of their beloved wife and mother, the late Regina D. Weiss, through a literacy legacy fund in her honor. The Weiss family will be notified of your gift.

About Regina: A message from her family.

Regina Weiss dedicated her life to children's literacy as a reading teacher for 33 years. She accepted her students as they were and believed in them and their potential. Regina lived her life with unwavering faith that there is goodness in all of us.

Our Regina was a woman of grace and humility, delicate beauty, and easy humor. She met each day with a smile and enthusiasm, ever optimistic and determined to make the best out of every moment. Regina was an individual of remarkable strength and a heart that knew only love.

Regina considered reading to be the very bedrock of civilized humanity. She felt that without this skill, a person would forever feel alone in a world that would quickly pass them by. Regina believed that reading ensured individual equality among every man, woman and child. She understood literacy unleashes the intellectual power of understanding, original thought, imagination, and the very essence of freedom itself.

In loving memory of Regina, and with respect to the special person that she was, we humbly request that you graciously support the very spirit of Regina's life and contribute to her living legacy by generously contributing to The Children's Reading Foundation.

Bailey, Andrea and Erica Weiss