Supporting Young Learners

Age Level Targets Example

The READY! for Kindergarten curriculum is designed around 26 Age Level Targets, or measurable skills, that most highly correlate to success in school. These research-based targets were developed by early learning experts, working closely with families, scientists and educators during a seven-year span.

Parents and caregivers use these targets to guide children toward developmental milestones in language, literacy, math, and social and emotional skills that a typical 5-year-old must have by the time he or she begins kindergarten. The targets, grouped by age from birth to age 5, encourage active learning by using movement, play, exploration, communication and all of a child's senses.

To the right is an example of the READY! for Kindergarten Age Level Targets for children ages 3 – 4. Order a poster of our Age Level Targets to learn the measurable skills for every age group from birth to age 5.

READY! for Reading: 101 Books Brochure

These recommended read-aloud books will entertain, teach, and inspire a child's imagination. They will connect children with outstanding authors and illustrators.

But this list is only the beginning. Read a recommended book, then choose others from the library, bookstore or friends that interest your child. Make a list of favorite books and reread them together often. Aim to read three picture books most days.

Download a PDF of the brochure in English or Spanish. If you prefer a printed copy, order the brochure by clicking here.

Reading With Your Child

Reading with a child every day builds strong minds and strong relationships.

Your child, snuggling in your lap and enjoying your attention and laughter, is learning to love reading. As long as it is a happy experience, there is no wrong way to read together.

Explore our Reading Tips and learn more techniques to read with a baby, toddler, preschooler or school-age child by purchasing or downloading a PDF of your select brochure in English or Spanish.

Find a READY for Kindergarten Program

Our READY! for Kindergarten program workshops for parents and caregivers of children from birth to age 5 are offered by organizations and school districts in communities throughout the country. Each workshop series provides age-appropriate targets, training, and tools to encourage pre-kindergarten activities in the home or child care facility. Find a workshop near you.