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READY! for Kindergarten Social & Emotional Learning

READY! SEL consists of Training and Tools to Play With a Purpose around five school readiness social & emotional Targets.

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School Readiness Social & Emotional Targets

The Five School Readiness Social & Emotional Targets are:

  • Relating to Others
  • Increasing Attention Span
  • Following Directions
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Developing Emotional Well-being

How It Works

Parents attend one in-person or online 60-minute workshop where they can learn strategies to support their child’s healthy social & emotional development. School districts and organizations offer READY! SEL in conjunction with the READY! for Kindergarten program, so children have more tools to succeed in school and life.

Available in English & Spanish.

As a kid who didn’t have a chance to go to any school due to Covid, we are struggling with knowing how to help her develop emotionally and socially. There are so many helpful ideas and resources in the program, I am excited to use them.

READY! for Kindergarten parent

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