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READY! @ Child Care & Preschool

Adapted from the READY! for Kindergarten parent program to bridge a child’s learning between home and child care or preschool.

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  • Language & Literacy
  • Math & Reasoning
  • Social & Emotional Development

How It Works

The READY! @ Child Care & Preschool Program contains versatile tools and activities for educators to use in their daily interactions with children. School districts and organizations offer the program to preschool educators and child care providers to enhance early education and care. Preschools and providers implement the program directly. The training covers the Age Level Targets©, early childhood development, and the Play With a Purpose approach.

Available in English & Spanish.

Over 500 early childhood care and education professionals received READY! @ Child Care & Preschool training and tools the last year (2022). Teachers agree READY! has taught them new ways to teach children early literacy, math, and social and emotional skills; but also, it has reinvigorated their practice by making playing with a purpose the center of their everyday interactions with children. That’s thousands of children in the State of Idaho playing and learning to be READY! for Kindergarten.

Adrian Amo
READY! for Kindergarten Idaho Program Director

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