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READY! for Kindergarten

READY! for Kindergarten empowers parents as their children’s first and most influential teachers in the years before school begins.

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Empowering Parents as Their Children’s Most Influential Teachers

During a child’s early years, parents and caregivers play a key role in shaping language, literacy, math, and social-emotional skills. Active engagement of families and caregivers is the most effective way to make those critical developmental years count.

How READY! for Kindergarten Works

READY! for Kindergarten consists of Age Level Targets©, Training, and Tools to Play With a Purpose making learning at home fun and effective. Parents attend three 90-minute in-person or online workshops for each of the first five years of their child’s life. School districts and organizations offer READY! to help close the achievement gap by partnering with parents so more children succeed in school and in life.

Available in English & Spanish. 

Targets. Training. Tools.

The READY! for Kindergarten program provides Targets (age-level learning goals), Training (ways to “Play With a Purpose”), and Tools (take-home materials and toys) to make learning at home fun, easy, and effective.



The READY! curriculum is based on 26 important child development and learning milestones. Each indicator, called a Target, is explored using playful activities appropriate to the age of the child. The Targets cover three domains: language and literacy, math and reasoning, and social and emotional development.



READY! gives parents and caregivers, Training,  information, and activities to help their child develop skills known to be highly predictive of school success. READY! activities fit naturally into everyday settings and routines. READY! is a lifestyle: Read With Your Child 20 Minutes Every Day and Play With a Purpose with a READY! activity for 10 minutes.



The Tools include books, toys, games, puzzles, music, and more. The Tools are kept by participants, giving families and caregivers the opportunity to reduce potential barriers for success. READY! also emphasizes how to Play With a Purpose using everyday items and activities for learning.

I cannot say enough AMAZING things about READY! for Kindergarten. I have absolutely LOVED and valued this FREE program! They are quick, easy, and you get all of the educational materials for FREE when you complete the course. If you’re a parent with Littles you NEED TO KNOW READY!

Natalie Kinkel-Moody
The CRF of Mid-Columbia, parent

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