School Readiness

From the time a child is born until age five, home is the easiest place to position a child’s academic trajectory. Children who begin school ready will have a rewarding education.

A Child’s Skills on Day One of Kindergarten Matter!

Children who start kindergarten with grade-level skills (the skills of a five-year-old with typical development) or higher are ready for a successful and satisfying education. They start ahead and stay ahead.

A child’s learning from birth to age five determines their kindergarten starting point. When students score low on entering-kindergarten assessments, it is rarely a reflection of their intelligence but rather of limited access to opportunities and experiences during their earliest learning years. It is in those years that the readiness gap, or the preparation gap before kindergarten, is created.

Additional Resources & Research

Give every child the opportunity to obtain the lifelong advantages of literacy and learning.

READY! for Kindergarten

The READY! for Kindergarten® school readiness program empowers parents and caregivers to succeed in their role as children’s first and most influential teachers. 

Conquering the School Readiness Gap

Every year 40 percent of children walk into kindergarten one to three years behind. There is something you can do about it.

Predicting and Preventing Student Failure

What you can do to ensure students succeed!