Start a Local Reading Foundation Chapter

The simple act of reading together 20 minutes every day has a lasting, positive effect on a child’s life. By forming a community-based chapter of The Children’s Reading Foundation, you begin a grassroots effort to engage parents, schools, caregivers and business and elected leaders to significantly improve the future of families and communities by ensuring every child receives the lifelong advantages of literacy.

Chapter partnerships vary across communities.

Each chapter of The Children’s Reading Foundation looks a little different, choosing to build local partnerships that work best to solve their unique local needs and goals. What each chapter has in common is a combination of public, private and philanthropic funding, as well as dedicated citizen service and volunteer contributions. It’s the power of these collective efforts that help children and communities succeed.

Six steps to mobilize your community:

Get Inspired

You’re probably well aware of the importance and joys of children’s literacy. Perhaps you’re concerned about children in your community who aren’t reading at grade level. Take a moment to reflect on what it is about children’s literacy that interests you. Why do you want to put your time and energy behind this cause?

Clarify Your Vision

To see how The Children’s Reading Foundation fits with your goals for the children in your community, download the helpful handbook below, or call or email us to learn more.

Find Like-Minded People

Successfully launching a chapter of The Children’s Reading Foundation requires a team of leaders. Gather a core group of three to six people who share your passion and vision for children and reading. It also requires community involvement. Look toward partnerships with schools, foundations, organizations and most importantly parents and caregivers. Partners all have in common the understanding that for communities to succeed, each child must succeed.

Determine the Service Area

Propose a geographic region your chapter will serve. Consider population, media, school/county boundaries, etc. This helps identify like-minded people to involve in the start-up process.

Contact Us

Let us know what ideas you have in mind for your future chapter. We’re here to help you every step of the way as your formation effort moves forward. When you’re ready, simply email or call us to discuss your community's interest.

Blast Off!

Once formed, your chapter of The Children’s Reading Foundation will quickly gain momentum! You will be astonished at the number of people and organizations who are eager to get involved. Countless future readers will benefit, thanks to your new chapter of The Children’s Reading Foundation!

Additional Resources

How To Form a Chapter Handbook