Licensing Agreement and Costs

Licensing Agreement

A signed licensing agreement and fee are required. The agreement grants a non-exclusive license to use the READY! for Kindergarten @ Child Care & Preschool Program within your child care center or preschool.

Read our Licensing Agreement to provide a better understanding of the READY! for Kindergarten legal and licensing requirements.

Budgeting and Costs

READY! for Kindergarten @ Child Care & Preschool Program costs $398 for the two kits: Language & Literacy; and Math & Reasoning and Social & Emotional Development. Each kit contains enough tools for an educator to play with a purpose with a small group of children ages 2 to 5. The kits also include the Age Level Targets© poster and a resource notebook to support the implementation of the program.

Additional costs to consider when budgeting are a 15% shipping and handling on your total order, and sales tax if your facility is in Washington state.