Licensing Agreement and Costs

Licensing Agreement

As part of your licensing fee, The Children's Reading Foundation grants a non-exclusive license for utilization of the READY! for Kindergarten program. This includes the use of curriculum, handouts, promotional items, logos, and all other documents and materials incident to the program in conjunction with providing parents, caregivers, and/or child care providers with learning materials.

The sponsoring organization provides funding, promotion, trained facilitators, meeting space, registration and child care, as applicable. Workshops are generally provided at no charge to parents and caregivers.

READY! for Kindergarten is exceptionally effective and economical.

Effective because READY! is a lifestyle. No one has greater love and concern for and access to a child than parents. Families are given learning targets, the training and tools to help their child achieve the targets. Research and entering kindergarten assessments show that students exposed to READY! for Kindergarten do much better than their non-READY! peers.

Economical because it harnesses the devotion and resources of parents. Depending on program size and configuration, READY! only costs between $300 - 500, per year, per child.

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The READY! for Kindergarten licensing fee is $340. READY! curriculum and parent materials cost $65 per kit (three kits per year). The kits include take-home printed material such as the Age Level Targets® poster and parent handouts to support the curriculum, as well as tools (toys) parents will use with their child. When a parent attends for the first time, they also receive a $24 set of orientation materials. The notes and lesson presentations to facilitate parent workshops are downloaded from our website with your order.

For budgeting purposes, consider the Kennewick (WA) School District.

The district has been continually funding READY! for Kindergarten since 2003, and allocates approximately $325 per child per year for the 3,000+ parents who attend READY! workshops annually. Approximately $250 of this allowance goes toward the cost of the learning kits which parents receive three times per year when they attend the workshops. This allocation also covers the ongoing costs of local program management, workshop facilitators, and program promotion.

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READY! Budgeting