Delivering on the Promise


Delivering on the Promise

Public schools do not create the four-to-six year learning gap among its students. Yet, they must significantly narrow it to assure 95% of students read and do math at state minimum standards. This book, originally published in 2004 tells the story of one school district's committment to delivering on that promise. The Kennewick School District (WA) model shows how to obtain annual growth from K-12 for all students, catch-up growth for those who are behind, and increased cognitive growth for children ages birth to 5. 

"Kennewick is showing us that it is, indeed, possible to successfully 'reinvent' American public education so that all children can succeed. This book is an invaluable 'how-to' guide."

Tony Wagner, PhD, Harvard University

"Research shows that children enter kindergarten with as wide a range as five years in their literacy-related skills. Some come with skills more typical of three-year olds. Others function at the level of typical eight-year olds. This book shares proven K-3 strategies to help achieve the necessary catch-up growth as well as describes how schools can support parents to minimize and reduce the achievemt gap in the first place."

Jeni Riley, PhD, University of London