Extraordinary Parents


Lynn Fielding (2009)

The academic skills of children on the first day of school greatly impact their entire education and the trajectory of the rest of their lives. The good news is that parents make a decisive difference. Find out how families amplify early learning from birth to age 5, and maximize their child's potential and opportunities in school year-by-year, cradle to college.

"This book is excellent. Possibly the best book of advice for parents on education that I have ever seen; and I say this as a professor who had taught child psychology for over 25 years."

- J. E. Stone, Ed, D., President, Education Consumers Foundation

"You may think all kids start kindergarten at the same place. They do not. The span in skills is well over five years and it takes extraordinary efforts to catch them up. Many schools try, but it's extremely difficult, as evidenced by the staggering high school drop-out rates. This book will guide parents who want their children to start school with every advantage."

- Dave Montague, Washington State Principal of the Year, 2005