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Parent and Caregiver Trainings

Parents and caregivers of children birth to age 5 attend a series of three workshops each year, based on the child’s age (Birth to Age 1, Ages 1-2, Ages 2-3, Ages 3-4, and Ages 4-5). Lessons and activities focus on developing skills for school readiness in Language and Reading, Math and Reasoning, and Social and Emotional Development.

Each workshop is a 90-minute interactive lesson led by a trained facilitator. Participants are provided information regarding developmental milestones (Age Level Targets) and skills for nurturing a child’s learning. They also take home materials and tools to use as they choose, based on the child’s personality, abilities and interests, and family values and culture.

The instructional format models research of family-based early learning programs linked to gains in student development and is designed so children learn in the context of secure, loving relationships.

Developmental Milestones & Targets

The READY! for Kindergarten curriculum is designed around 26 age-appropriate targets for language, literacy, math, and non-cognitive skills and behaviors including social and emotional skills. These READY! Age Level Targets are consistent with U.S. national standards, align with the Common Core State Standards Initiative, and the Washington State Early Learning and Development Benchmarks (Washington State Department of Early Learning).

Just 10 Minutes a Day, Every Day, Ensures Success

READY! encourages participants to view the Age Level Targets with a fluid attitude toward skills and ability levels. These child development targets are not to be learned in a week but are milestones to aim for in the year ahead. If a child excels in one area, but falls behind in another, we promote the concept that each child is unique and develops targeted skills at different rates. The child sets the pace, and the targets are a helpful framework. The program also emphasizes maintaining a positive learning environment and building social and emotional well-being, and perseverance, over mastering skills.

Tools for School Success

READY! participants receive an early learning tool kit at each workshop they attend. The kit contains age-appropriate learning materials to use with their child. Tools include floor puzzles, books, colorful wooden shapes, blocks, magnetic letters and numbers, audio CDs, and more. By design, all activities are child-centered, age-appropriate and multi-sensory, and follow our "play with a purpose" approach.

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