Child Care Centers & Preschools

Child care providers and preschool teachers play a crucial role in the lives of children. When educators understand the services they provide have the potential to prepare children for school success, they take advantage of every opportunity for intentional and purposeful play. 

The READY! for Kindergarten Child Care Center & Preschool kits in English and Spanish are adapted from the parent lessons to extend learning for the child between home and child care or preschool. One kit focuses on Language and Literacy and the second kit includes Math, Reasoning, and Social and Emotional development. The kits were created for educators to use with children ages 2 – 5. The tools and activities in each kit are versatile and designed for guided play in a multi-age setting.

Professional Development

Educators using READY! Child Care Center & Preschool kits, attend training designed to further their learning about early childhood development and how to effectively bring to life the READY! play with a purpose approach. The interactive training session explores READY! Age Level Targets (skill goals by age group) and play with a purpose activities that participants can integrate into their daily practice.

The program includes materials and tools to help cultivate children’s learning. Tools include books, puzzles, blocks, letters, numbers, and more. The assortment of tools supports children’s different developmental stages, abilities and interests. By design, all activities are child-centered, age-appropriate and multi-sensory.

Age Level Targets

READY! for Kindergarten is designed around 26 Age Level Targets for language, literacy, math, and social and emotional skills. READY! helps child care providers and preschool teachers focus on the progression of interconnected skills that will help children begin kindergarten ready to learn. These READY! Age Level Targets are consistent with U.S. national standards and the Washington State Early Learning and Development Benchmarks (Washington State Department of Early Learning).

READY! encourages educators to view the Age Level Targets with a fluid attitude toward children's skills and ability levels. These school readiness targets are not to be learned in a week but are outcomes to aim for in the year ahead. If a child excels in one area but struggles in another, we promote the concept that each child is unique and develops skills at different rates. The child sets the pace, and the targets are a helpful framework. The program emphasizes maintaining a positive learning environment and building social and emotional well-being and perseverance, instead of mastering skills.

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